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Goddess Confidence


six week course for the woman who's ready to move through this world like the goddess she is.

Join a community of likeminded women looking to better themselves and embrace their Goddess Confidence.  Combat societal standards and that negative voice in your head with a group of women walking the same journey.  There's power in numbers.

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Invest in your body image journey with a 6 week course designed to stretch the way you see yourself.  We'll be working to heal your body image and gain more confidence by changing your thought process about your body.

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Each week covers a new topic (including committing to your self love & growth journey, treating your body like a goddess, and mothering yourself through your journey), with exercises and guided meditations, with journal prompts and questions to prepare you for our weekly conversations and to dive deeper into your self reflection.

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Einstein said we can't solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them.  So we must change the way we think about OUR bodies (and bodies in general), and upleveling the way we treat ourselves.

Goddess Confidence: Features
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1 hour community calls will take place every Tuesday, time TBD, beginning January 17, 2023 (excluding February 14th).

Extras include:

+ Goddess Confidence Playlist

+ Goddess Confidence Workbook

+ Recorded Guided Meditations for anytime access

+ Weekly collective Divine Feminine card pull

+ Individual intake and graduation call

Goddess Confidence: Services
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